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>Indians are slumdog-US Republican Party

On April 10, while discussing the outsourcing of jobs from America, Limbaugh viciously insulted India and her citizens, inanely referencing the Danny Boyle smash-hit film Slumdog Millionaire to make his point.

Here is what he said,”There’s a reason [these jobs] aren’t coming back. They’re outsourced for a reason, an economic reason, and they’re not coming back,” Limbaugh said, while speaking to a caller named Terry from Ohio. “If you’re sitting out waiting for a job that’s now being done by a slumdog in India, and you’re waiting for that job to be cancelled, for the slumdog to be thrown out of work, and you to get the job, it ain’t going to happen. It’s not the way economics works.”

Whoa Mr.Limbaugh!!!India is incessantly showing double-digit growth from last decade.May be,over a decade.Our country is potentially ‘doable’ member of permanent UN Security Council.Even in recently concluded G20 summit in London,we had a much important position.Yet u and US Republican Party see this country as a land of “slumdogs”.Thanks to MR.Boyle and his excellent movie.For you,our politicians are the most corrupt people in the world,but when the same happens in your country at higher level,its legal!For you, Satyam scandal proves that whole Indian Growth is a big fraud.And when it comes to Lehman Brothers fruad of 50b…its….

Anyways,being conscious about Mr.Limbaugh’s past career,this shoddy insult mean no surprise to me.Infact excluding the word “slumdog” from his above statement,I felt nothing offensive.Probably I felt he was making his American Fellows acquaint with the actual fact and that also in a subtle manner.”But MR.Limbaugh could have easily avoided the word “slumdog” from his statement. It hurt.

But I was surely disappointed to read few comments of Indian stating that ‘We should ignore this comment’.Ignore dis comment?Agreed,if we people are ready to ignore our self respect in future too! Some said that ‘this comment is not regarding the High End IT peoples’ . Great,celebrate then! you proved why IT guys are called geeks ! How in the world these people can’t see that this comment is directly made on India!!Aren’t the IT guys part of this nation ? Whatsoever, there weren’t much people with this kind of wisdom.But i hated the fact,that even few existed !

Most of the people(Indians) thought that yesterday’s so called Millionaire-US, is now started knowing that it is going to become a slumdog and thats where the harsh comment came from . Agreed again,but it need loads of more decades to happen. And I am saying this all, only because I am aware of the natural law that nothing is perennial .US is a global power, but is not going to remain forever . Maybe in future, India will become one, but even it won’t be for ever.

I really don’t know at this moment what an American national feel about this comment.But I hope in future this won’t end up in hatred for Indians in the heart of American’s.

And finally before concluding I want to mention a nice line which I read on internet , which i would like to read by Mr.Limbaugh,the master behind this(…it’s but obvious that Mr.Limbaugh must not be more than a loud speaker,the think tank must certainly be someone else.) and also my fellow Indians who don’t feel anything about this statement…
“Globalisation is here to stay and India is a rapidly emerging economic superpower. Slumdogs we are not. Deal with it.”