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>Customer Care, Problem Solver

>Few days ago I received a friend request from some unknown girl on orkut. As being a male and that also in early twenties, I jumped on the profile to get more information about her. She didn’t put her name on the profile, showing that she wanted to hide it from someone else on orkut who might be knowing her. Rest of the things were quite usual, except that she was from the same city I live in. I accepted it. Within five minutes I received a scrap from her saying “Hi”, the most common word to start any conversation. I replied “Hello, Do I know u?”. She replied, I asked, den she asked, I answered. It was a very formal conversation.The next day she came online with a scrap “Hey, I made a huge mistake yesterday,can u come on gtalk?”. Killed by curiosity, I rushed toward gtalk, had a chat with her, she seriously was in little trouble and wanted my suggestion. I tried my best to help her in the worry. Anyways, I am quite used to these kind of situations. Many times my friends discuss their problems with me I do what I can do best, Offer suggestions! Bharat calls me a “Problem Solver” as he thinks I posses solution for almost every problem.Bhabhi calls me “Customer Care” as she thinks people calls me when they are in some difficult situations or in some worry and I solve their problems or atleast give some positive strength. Though this sounds little exaggerated to me but I will not deny it completely. I mean I really don’t feel like I am any “Problem Solver”, in fact most the times I am worrying about my own problems. But I sure can make any one feel enough comfortable with me to make him/her share some serious issues with me. Or may be, being a bad talker makes me no choice but to listen to others most of the times. And thats why people find it easy to talk with me.But what happened that day was quite unexpected. The girl from orkut; she didn’t even knew me. We just had a chat a day before that too was too short to know eachother well enough. Still this girl felt comfortable to share her problem with me. When I asked her, she told me that she found me trustworthy.This one sentence of her compelled me to think about it seriously.Either the girl was too innocent or I seriously do have that little quality. Whatever it is, at this moment I am not sure about any of the possibility. Because 1. I still don’t know much about that girl ,so I really don’t know about her innocence. And 2.I still don’t believe that I am really a material to trust on. I am just a normal, selfish human who sometimes feels like helping others when it fits into his own limits. Maybe Bharat will still call me a “Problem Solver” or Bhabhi will keep calling me “Customer Care”, I know I am not that, but will love to become for them if they want me to be.Infact I can be anyone what my friends wants me to be.And one day I will.