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Polishing Resume

Few days back I had a chat with Raghya. He was reading something about resume writing over the net and ask me to go through the link. I had a look at the page. That post was way too lengthy to go through it. Telling too many things about creating that brief account of our education and work experience which we call as “curriculum vitae”. I always feel, post should be small, short and simple in order to be read by the other person. No body want to read the stuff in details these days. Who has got time for that! 😉  And the same applies for the resume too. Resume too, like any other readable material should be short and simple. At least I can tell you guys from my experience of interviews that I took so far. And to write down a good resume, you must get into shoes of interviewer.

The very second thing which an interviewer might look into your resume will be your “objective”. First thing will be ofcourse, your name! 🙂  Try to keep you objective as short as you can, brilliant if it is a one liner, because more longer it gets, more confused you seem on your goals part.

Next thing, your resume has to be short, real short, you don’t need to put every event of your education and work experience in it, which you feel it was important. Nobody is interested in knowing that. You can find a girlfriend or boyfriend for that. There are many people just like you who did the same course, same job, and the only thing which will separate them from you, are”your achievements”. Achievement can be anything. If you are a software engineer – a hard piece of code that you cracked on for your team, thats an achievement. If you are a marketing guy – a product sale of some area which you boosted up by x percent ,thats an achievement. A promotion, etc. Anything which shows that you are good team-player, problem-solver and people were impressed from your work can be added to this column. But put as much achievements you can in your resume. You can always remove the other not-so-important stuff from you resume, if it becomes lengthy.

Then, make it clear in your mind that “you need to market yourself”. You are like a newly launched product that the interviewer had never heard about and you need to attract enough attention of that guy from your resume. So market yourself, as much as you can, you can exaggerate if you want, but be genuine, don’t fake for the cause. If you worked in a software firm as a coder, worked like a dog for an year, days and nights too sometimes, and finally you got fed up from the firm, and started looking for other jobs. Here is what you can summarize this experience, “Understood the requirement the wok/project/module needed to be done, and finished it in x percent less time.” But if you say, “Understood the requirement, did research, handled client calls and worked hard to complete the project in time.” , nobody will be interested, as you only did a job, which is done by many more guys like you in the market, you “need” to “show that you did a good” job.

Final thing is, don’t put all of the best in you on the resume. Keep something with yourself for the interview too. Resume is just like asking a girl on date or for a movie, you don’t show all your cards there itself. You need to wait for the acceptance from the other side, and once you get the call, the real show begins! e.g. If you are an android or iPhone developer, you can create a small application, which tells about yourself, or your displays your resume. You can make use of good navigations, animations to do so. In that way, you impress the interviewer even more through your creativity. Just the way you impress a gal/guy on the first date. 😉

So go ahead and rewrite you resume to attract as much as recruiters you can. And ofcourse, you need to be good at giving interviews too(phone or f2f) and also negotiating salary is the best part.
All the best folks! 🙂

I am damn negative… you?

Had a chat with Sachya today. One of my very dear friend. Damn caring person! For me he is like power house of warmth. No matter what the situation is. Everytime I have conversation with this guy, I can feel some warmth within him, some sort of care he has for every single person whom he is interacting with. Pure lover! … Anyways, this is not a post about Sachya but the topic which we discussed today.

Have you guys read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne? Most of you must had. Amazing book about “positive thinking”. Read it if you haven’t. The book suggest whatever you think, you get it, depending on the intensity of your thoughts. “Whatever you give out in life is what you receive back in life.” Very true! Infact almost every person on this planet knows this, and uses it some how, but never pays attention to this fact. Our thoughts do have a very big impact on our life. Whatever we get from life, good or bad, is 99 percent result of our own thoughts. So its better not to let anyone else, to have enough impact on us, so that he can actually manipulate our thoughts… :P…just kidding…

So I asked Sachya whether he has read this book or not, and not to my surprise he had it already. So we started discussing what we feel about this theory. Trying to get more deep, as in what might be happening exactly, which is responsible to make those changes in our life. We kept on discussing, until to realize a fact, that somehow, we both get attracted to negativity very easily. I don’t know about Sachya, but it my case, it works like a magnet or small black-hole to be more precise. Once i get attracted towards negativity, there is no end for it, I keep on getting deeper and deeper into it.

We all know somewhere deep down inside, that events, circumstances are only neutral and its our own mind which creates the positive or negative vibes over it. Its all our damn perception and nothing else. Every single moment, we have a choice to be at peace or resistance. When we are at peace we attract positive energy and when we resist we attract negative energy. And according to the theory of “our thoughts manipulating our life”, if we think positive, we get something good from life, and we let ourselves attracting negative energy it reflects back in our life. And in my case, almost everytime, I choose to live in negativity. When I told this to Sachya, he approved same for himself. Seems that its easier to get into negativity as it doesn’t need any strength and its harder to be positive, cause you need to be strong for that. Now I wonder, how many more people are there like us? Who, when needed to make that choice, choose the negative side…

Does it happen with you too?