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>My experience of…Euphoria!

>I guess I must be 12-13 yrs old when I heard Dhoom first.(that also in TV promo…!)And those lines got into my head for many days..!(…its quite imp…coz u know nothing gets into ma head so easily…ask ma teachers! ;))I kept on asking in my friend circle,”hey,do u know that guy?”,”hav u heard him?”,”Do u hav the album?”,”Who are these ppl!??”…But never got answer…May be I was not meant to be get into Euphoria at so little age.

Then I saw Mai Ree(Tnx to MTV!…)Again the same thing,the tune stuck into my head…But this time there was one more thing,the voice seemed to be familiar to me…And my cousin told me..”Abe mahiti aahe ka?,ha doctor aahe,Dr.Palash Sen!….te gaane aathavate kaya?’aare meri dhadkan aare..’,hyaachech te.”This was the first time i got introduced to Euphoria..And I became a fan..not of Euphoria,but of mai ree.For the unconventional tune,for its touchy lyrics,the indian(rajsthani would be better)touch!was jus in luv the song.And I still think that its the best one by the boys.

Now …I was jus waiting for Euphoria’s next album…and it was there…Mantra!But I was very dissapointed this time,there was jus one song in that album.It was a solo release,with one additional instrumental.So we guys jus recorded those songs from a music store and heard ’em enumorous times…GOD!mantra was truly a great song.u can’t stop ur feet from tapping.

…I was in 12th std when I first bought ne Euphoria’s album.I still remember,my mom was not allowing me to buy ne music album that year.No songs.nothin…jus study!(Damn…And I am still studying [;)]!)She agreed only when I promised not to waste my time on listening songs…as I do it usually(she thinks this way…!)So I bought gully.This album made me their die hard fan.Initially I liked the title track ‘Gully‘ which was really inviting one…then there was ‘Raja Rani‘,whose tune I didn’t got in first listening,but still I liked it(boys did again very much well with the rajasthani folk…it reminded me of mai ree!)…then the journey continued from one song to another,moving thro’ different moods.’Meethi chashani‘ was a complete chartbuster…full of energy.(the best part I luv of this one is when the song is picked up with…baahein resham,subhah roshan,har baat shayaree…tuhi mann ka pahela armaan,tuhi dil ki chaah aankhari…)’Kya yeh sach hai?’…another great song by Euphoria!This song actually made me to think that should a promise have a limit?…does dreams belong to specific category?…can’t happiness be there till eternity?…is it necessary sorrow should always make you regret?…And the song itself answers these questions in the end…Great work by boys again.the mantra album was also added in the list.’Aisa ek jahaan‘…really a cheerful,enthu song…takes you to a dreamland.The flute used at the starting jus adds more colors to the party.’OO Piyu‘ is really a nice work…i wonder why these guys haven’t released an English album yet.They do hav the potential.I was really surprised to know that there so many things which are so related to eachother that they can’t separated out,when I heard ‘Kuch Nahin‘.Great lyrics…!!And if you are in love or having crush on sumone…you gotta listen this one.This also starts the sad ones from the album…Next comes ‘Waise hi..‘ a qawalli with again a border of sorrow…the guy still shows some positive shades by accepting the fact that the gal has left him…but u get really shocked when he says..

Mujhe maloom hai k tum mujhe na poochogi..

Ke main kaisa hoon…

Kya main khush hoon…?

Ya nahin hoon…?

Kyon main hairaan hoon…?

Kya main khush hoon…?

Ya nahin hoon…?

Ya sahi hoon..?

Ya nahin hoon…?

Tere maathe ka noor hoon…?

Ya main tujhse bhi door hoon…?

Kya main jeeta..? Kya main hara…?

Bana kya tera sahara…?

Main wahi hoon…?

Ya nahin hoon…?

Kya abhi tak main tera hoon…?….

….Phir bhi sirf tumhe bataneko jee chahata hain…

….Ke filhaal main…….jeenda hoon….!”

And Palaash makes the height of sadness with ‘Sone de maa…‘…GOD the song really takes out all the pain u have in mind..!Then comes a prayer…really soothing,delightful prayer(can’t call it as song!)…with simple yet meaningful lyrics.I remember i use to listen it hundreds of times in the morning.And I still do that!..but the songs which really makes u crazy is ‘Ab naa ja…’.Can’t describe the magic in words…jus think of ur love at night and start playing the song and witness the magic.The magic of Euphoria!

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One of the few words in the medical dictionary that ends with a simple RIA as opposed to the thousands that end in complicated spellings but pronounced – ria. One of the few words in medical terminology that has a positive connotation as opposed to most others that mean sickness and death. And one of the few names in the music industry that has survived and left its mark as opposed to so many that have tried and failed.

Euphoria in hypomania where they say that creativity is as its best. It’s tough to live up to the chosen name and reputation especially since the scientific world says that it cannot be artificially induced, but they tried and strived towards a perfection that we cannot wholly fathom and a goal that we cannot completely see.

The journey from DHOOM(here I mean journey of we listners )has not taken us out,but inwards, into ourselves, into our culture, into our soul where melody is God and the heart is King. Tapping into the tapestry of ethnic Indian music, they have distilled our passion, added a dash of Rock, a pinch of Folk, blended it with Harmony and topped it up with a whole lot of Love.

Who knows what’s ROCK and what’s RIGHT?? Who cares or gives a damn in any case?! They came up with their new and unique definition of HINDROCK in the Euphoria dictionary and it was simple: n. a unique amalgamation of Indian and Western musical influences to provide a pleasing sound to the ears. [See Dhoom and Pichuck]


… The state of high! The state in a psychological disorder called hypomania (the first stage of mania).

Nine years back HIND ROCK wasn’t coined as a phrase or as a hype line (they hate the hype), but it is an attitude, an identity, a movement that EUPHORIA took upon themselves to show that sometimes Rock can be Right! And now it is!! The best is yet to come… but then, what is the best??” Aah… life and its mysteries.

Today, 2007 A.D. EUPHORIA has created a home for itself in the hearts of music aficionados and supporters (They hate the term fan! Fans are on ceilings). The non believers still find excuses but… “they are the challenge!”

Good or bad or ugly, EUPHORIA are the only ones of their kind or creed. Do I need to tell you why?

“People choose to walk the oft beaten track! I chose to take a detour and walk alone. As in the words of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore… If no one will hear your call… EKLA CHOLO RE (walk alone)!!” says Palash Sen, lead singer and EUPHORIA’s “Boss”(the world calls him the father of Hind Rock). Well, “EKLA” they’re not walking for sure…

1998, October… DHOOM, 2000, February… PHIR DHOOM (2 huge successes like a double whammy). Then January 2001… India’s first-ever single … MANTRA! And then January 2003 came EUPHORIA Gully, the reaffirmation of the Euphoria sound, the magic and the taste of sweet success. 2004 saw Euphoria collaborating with the Pakistani boys STRINGS for the Indo-Pak cricket series official anthem, Jeet Lo Dil. They won hearts again, (Thank God the Indian team won the series too!). Hey what’s your mantra for success? Simple, they say, “Bas jaan lo hai pyaar kya, hai yeh hamara mantra!”.2006….they came with MEHFUZ…Polly’s touchy lyrics… and boys great work gave a new kinda composition.Gulzar Sahab’s lyrics added more colors to da party.

9years… 8guys… 4 albums… 2 singles… 15 videos… and still dreaming!! Dreaming of a perfect world… no war, no poverty, no disease, no tears… just music and smiles!

Their 5th album is on the way and from what the grapevine says… IT ROCKS! (And from what the cynic says, it… well… hind rocks.)

Euphoria….The BAND…..

DJ, “the backbone” on bass; BENNY, “the fingers” on keys; HITESH, “the heart” on guitars; ASHWANI, “the legs” on drums; GAURAV, “the pulse” on guitars, RAKESH and PRASHANT, “the arms” on dholak and tabla and PALASH, “the brain” on… err….any topic in the world!!

Wanna walk the wild side?!! KABHI AANA EUPHORIA GULLY!